Kratos has arrived in Fortnite. Take Kratos into the fight to save the Island: the Kratos Outfit is available now in the Item Shop and as part of the Oathbreaker set. Familiar instruments of Kratos await in the Oathbreaker set. Glide into battle with the Guardian Shield Glider and Mimir Back Bling. Plusharvest with the Leviathan Axe Pickaxe. Unleash the frozen leviathan by activating the Freezing Burst Emote, built into the Leviathan Axe Pickaxe and the first-ever built-in Pickaxe Emote.
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Dolan Darker
Ninja and Kratos can canonically kiss now
Gyro xD
i can’t believe they actually put Mimir as a backpack 😂
Cake Knight
Where is BOY?
Burnt Grapefruit
Kratos can now shoot Travis Scott
Neon Wave
He could take down the Storm King on his own. I’m just hoping his emote has him saying ‘boy’.
They shoot bullets. Kratos: he he, Boy…
I can hear the kids now; “iTs ThE GuY FrOM FoRtNitE”
Kratos heard Thor was in fortnite, just it was the wrong Thor
Juan Avila
I always expected super smash bros was going to be the ultimate crossover videogame never in a million years would I have guessed fortnite.
Rando Calrissian
Kratos looks like he went through a selfie filter to remove pores.
Drako Tv
Season 6 Minecraft Steve owns the night😂
angel chang
Oh no 🙁 I’m guessing he lost his way, on his journey to Mordor.
They’re tempting me to go back to fort😂
I’m not a fan of Fortnite in anyway, but you can’t deny that these crossovers are on par with Smash Bros.
gary rodriguez
Atreus: father look you’re in fortnite Kratos: I do not approve BOY
Um Noturno de Chapéu
Kratos literally killed gods, and now a banana can kill him 😀
Lofi Games
The fact that half the people don’t know who kratos is is just sad
Fugit1ve Gaming
So let me get this straight, you can have The Joker Batman A Stormtrooper The Mandalorian Kratos A banana Thor Captain America Ninja And Deadpool All in 1 match
haroon miah
Naaah should of kept mimir on the belt and blades of chaos as the back bling
Between Kratos and Mando, they got me
Mark Time
The heck is happening. XD
The fact that this skin is not a PS exclusive is insane, it’s such a surprise. Will we get Aloy, Miles Morales, and Ratchet and Clank?
Jonathan Reyes
Epic games would do anything just for the money like wtf
Kratos holding guns.. I can’t imagine
Disembodied Imagination
This is getting ridiculous, and desperate.
Frames in Review
I would maybe consider playing this game if there were no instant tower of doom shenanigans… I think I hear something Builds defensive structure in .5 seconds. Nevermind it was nothing.
Ready for the redditmoment in the comments
I swear I thought he would say “ BOY “ 😭😭
They need to put Marvel’s bounty hunter: Death’s Head (original)
fortnite out here getting as many deals as they can 🥴
Shahed Miah
“Look how they massacred my boy.”
Anime Boi
Well Time to Wait For Master Chief, Samus, and Hopefully Tracer From Overwatch.
Just Some Guy with a Mustache
sees Kratos is next Oh Boy…
I want the no clothes werewolf XD Sounds equally cool lol Too bad I’m broke till next week go figure
The Mandalorian, Kratos, Ninja and Travis Scott are now canonically in the same universe
Michael Jerome
So now fortnite has had Star Wars, Dc, Marvel and now Kratos that’s a lot of crossovers
Baro Zukos
Well.. at least they maybe revealed that Kratos is gonna have armor, plus the new soundtrack i hope
dhawal c
Kids playing gow: this is the guy from fortniteeeeeeee !!!!!!!!! Me: proceeds to kill
Joe Contreras
Caleb Pearce
Lol they clearly didn’t intend to do this today but I’m glad they did (this was leaked beforehand if you didn’t know)
Insanity Central
This still doesn’t draw me in lol. I have no intent to ever play.
I can’t believe that they made kratos his own video game.
Never thought I would see Kratos and Mandalorian in a game together. Fortnite’s gotta be the biggest crossover game.
Rogeno R
I just want the reaction of the kids when the see and find out what he did before his fornite debut
Not fan of fortnite myself but got to give them credit for always coming out with contents on the regular.
Kartos to fortnite losers: don’t be sorry be better
Houston G
2020 does the word ‘normal’ mean anything to you?
A game of men combined with a game of kids…
Netflix Membresia
BOY Look at me flossing
Jacob Shabazz
They’re really trying to get me to play Fortnite.
Car Mona
I guess I’ll start playing fortnite again.
Joe • 4 years ago
Next character: super ballsack man
Jack Parry
I don’t think they massacred him, he actually fits the art style well!
Now this, does put a smile on my face
Avengers Endgame: we have the best crossover in history. Fortnite chapter 2 Season 5 lobbies: hush
Tipycal Dude
Can’t wait for 9yo kid’s say “that’s the dude from fortnite” when they see GoW
We are going to have Kratos Flossing.
How does fortnite keep getting all this approvals from this developers
The Drunk Zaku
“BOY! Come back here.”
Luke Warm
Not even Kratos could make me want to play this garbage
Anas Bakhit
too bad, I deleted the game way back in 2018 before season 4. never regret it ever since ☺
Raphael Geragotellis
This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Makes no sense fr 💀
haroon miah
Naaah should of kept mimir on the belt and blades of chaos as the back bling
Epic Games is clueless of how to make new and original content that they can’t even maintain the integrity of their own game. Amazing.
Mark DiBuo
I assume that skin is only on the PlayStation servers.
Pavneakh Sanghera
Yay I can’t wait for master chief to be. In the game then what scorpion from mortal Kombat? I get the hype bit I don’t. Want kratos in the game
Diet Bleach
Agent Jones said he nabbed all the best bounty hunters from all realities but pancake man lookin’ like he a scared bish.
If there’s no BOY emote, I’ll pass please….
Action Ace
Guess Epic is following Nintendo’s trend of killing a character to get or introduce a better/iconic character…
D20bcho66 sathiyan
This isn’t kratos , where is the boi
Matthew Gulbranson
This makes me want to get an Xbox
need an emote that says “boyyy”
Look how they massacred my boy
yousef mustafa
no no anyone but the chad lets put a petion to stop this madness
Carter Hughes
I just realized for the Switch version, this is the first time Kratos has ever been on a Nintendo console, and it’s in goddamn Fortnite
Cisero Gaming
Seem to be dropping a skin for each platform Kratos: ps4 Master Cheif: xbox Samus: switch Mobile better be Barry Steakfries from jetpack joyride
Lelouch vi Britannia
He lost his “Boy!” Word
Freeplay Gaming
Cool when is master chief coming out?
I’cant see kratos dansing
Nooooo. Aw cmon!!!! YOU DONT DESERVE HIM!
Zach Temoro
Dammit Sony, you had one job
Mass 91
Kratos thé killer of gods dancing Kratos building Kratos with a gun why i lived to see Kratos like this 😭
Your Steak
This Kratos is an imposter I’m noticing a lack of B O Y’S.
The pancake-cowboy was supposed to be strong but is scared as heck when he sees him. I’m a wrong or am I right?
Daniel Araujo
Damn now hes gonna be referred to as “the fortnite guy” by everyone
Mandalorian: Kid Kratos: Boi Their children: ??
Jeffery Cho
Look how they massacred my boy😔
Wtf 😂 what’s a warrior doing in a kid game?
Alex Arft
Kratos, addressing much of the player base: Boy.
Don 175
A childrens game with an 18 rated character, makes total sense…
M. Firza Fadma Putra
Imagine, if the angry bearded nordic man hold that gun. Kratos skin is available on all-platforms than playstation, but ultimately ultra cursed.
Angel Xnxhdhxhcjc
Look up the way the massacre my boy
Autumn Knight98
Santa Monica Studios, why are you letting Epic Games use one of my favorite ps characters? Ur making me hate Kratos now 😭😭😭
Bring the man Kratos himself in this game and its still a plague.
Strider Xanthos
They’re really letting anyone join this roster aren’t they
Daniel Rosa
why not?
How come Kratos has the gaming legends rarity but the borderlands set doesn’t?
Fortnite has disrespected Kratos by involving him in a child’s game.
Juan Carlos Garza
kratos now where is master chief
24 Geezy
Devin Haney is the next Floyd Mayweather
This is probably a big disrespect to the man himself
Buda Yen
Kratos holding a gun will be the weirdest thing you see today.
Hitman Would Be Cool In Fortnite As Well ☺️
F for my PlayStation Brothers. But i heard the Master Chief is coming too. FN is just …
Black Man
Why does he look like a middle aged aang😂
Zukita komishi
I love that mimir head
Andrew Refieska
Flash news: Atreus found dead! After seeing his dead doing weird dance. With a note found “my dad cursed by Freya”
Sora Segundo
Thor: Hey! Some demigod dude killed all the gods in Olympus Odin: lol, glad he’s in greece Kratos on a boat Odin: Adios
Dabi Dance Dabi Dance
Imagine havung a 5 way fight between wolverine kratos lachlan mandalorian and batman in one game
Travis Sloan
I wish Kratos was an upgradeable skin: you start out in his Greek outfit and he slowly gets more grizzled until you reach daddy Kratos.
Youssef Allam
Kinda weird seeing Kratos using guns
Mohsin Javed Cheema
Subtle way to let PC gamers have a taste of Kratos 😹
Yoo Hoo
i cant wait to kill Kratos with an uncommon pistol
rohmieboy reviews
Ready to get this dub BOY
Atlas BlueSource
I don’t even have enough v bucks for him, so to everyone who’s gling for Kratos, please take care of him and make him win a lot of victory royale :’)
The music surprisingly reminded me of dkc returns
big Justin Y.
Epic why did u try this hard?
Dry butter
I’m waiting for chief
look how they massacred my boy
Kratos kills so many gods and now he’s going to get rekt by 5 year old kids.
Imagine the check Epic had to cut to get all these characters and more importantly imagine the amount of money they’re making from these.
Jacob Drew
When are we getting a WWE/NXT/NJPW/AEW cross over to fortnite?
I am just trying to imagine Kratos with a gun
Scruffy Nerd
You can now have Kratos vs the Mandalorian. My fan fict has come to life.
GoldenTitan Gaming
Look how they’ve slaughtered my boy 🥺
Zyphe Astro ツ
Now Jonesy feels ashamed that he let someone in through the bridge even though he literally said not to let anyone in. LOLOL
Aaron Zurita
Hold up…. wait a minute
Har3drewX Kait
Guys we can finally have thor vs kratos! before gow5
Season 6: Official Predator Trailer
Honestly feel disrespected with this addiction of addition
Kratos in a kids game. Don’t disrespect my boy like that
Weeby deeby
Kratos in now officially part of the MCU
Royal black93
Bro I’m so done with Fortnite lol They did not just put one of the most blood thirsty and gore inducing characters in this PG game lmao omg, they have done it all 😂😂 I can’t hate no more ..
Hersh Hiwa
Kratos’s training before he fights Thor
Flavio Francisco
Kratos looks like it was modeled for Halo infinity
Look how they massacred my BOY!
Lucas Vincent
I thought he was gonna hurt mancake and I got really worried
CV Anims
Kratos in a children’s game? 2020 really out here wildin
Fortnite doesn’t know how to do crossovers anymore smh
Bruh Moment
This is unintentionally hilarious 😂
Is he not exclusive to PlayStation?
Sofoniyas Bamlaku
Kratos: wait! Have you seen this boy. DONT RUN FROM ME BOOOOOOYYYYYY
Big Nig
Look how they massacred my boy 🙁
cedgrips SSW
0/10, no “BOY” can heard
LordPeanut - tuneaPdroL
Finally a quality update xD
Bootylicker 9000
that’s actually really dope
Tristan Mireles
Damn they actually put a severed head as a backbling in a kids game this game trying to get more of the rated r collaborations in I hope we get mortal kombat real soon
Amit V
This is a playstation exclusive or it is available in pc?
At this rate Master chief is gonna jump in lmao
burak özgür
pls, i beg you, dont do this to kratos.
King_Ferdinand 44
We have a game where you can play as Travis Scott and Kratos never expected this
David Durham
Let just hope he’s not going spartan rage in the match 😂
Pablo-Chile 359
Somebody gift it to me please I beg you
confused kim jong uhhh
Kratos went from killing all the greek gods with the chains of chaos to shooting a gun.
Seeing kratos doing dancing emotes made me cackle so hard
Noah Carlson
I just wanna know where the boy is 🤣
Hyper Maker
omg, i cant speak!