Watch the trailer to see Ultraman in action in Override 2: Super Mech League.
Override 2: Ultraman Deluxe Edition launches for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series
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Vince omnigeek
Why not Gridman too, (Aka Servo) get some superhuman samurai in the series.
Well it’s cool to see an Ultraman in a game like this
No Name
Give me Godzilla and I’m sold.
Jared Eppsteiner
So what generation are they going for with this title, 7th?
Marvin Stonefour
I’m still waiting for Ultraman season 2 on Netflix.
Ghost Reflect
Still waiting for War of the Monsters 2
Just need Jet Jaguar now.
Ever watched ultraman?
Peter Parker
Mechagidzilla and Mazinger a when?
Shikido San
This looks S I C K ! ! ! !
Rolando ova
Waiting for Gurren Lagann,Evangelion,darling of faxx.Gudam
Ewa Fatyga
I’m early!
Plus Ultra
This is giving me some Custom Robo vibes and I’m digging it.
looks kinda like modern One Must Fall. I dig it.
Can this game just be a Super Robot Taisen Spin off now? (with Kaijuu) I mean hell, imagine that this roster also had Eva Units, Getter Robo, Mazinger, Giant Robo, Macross, Gurren Lagann, The Big O, Gundam, heck… imagine if they went really creative, featuring Gigantor, the Megazord, Pacific Rim, Giant Transformers like Fortress Maximus, maybe even Omnimon from Digimon! That would be Amazing! Plus you could have the likes of Godzilla, Ghidorah, King Kong, even the Stay Puft Marshmallow man and a giant Krang from TMNT!… Hasbro… Bandai… Toho… (Banpresto? Universal?) help a dev out!
Remembering me about Arena of Valor who also collaborated with Ultraman
Mitch Guzman
I’m tired… Goodnight
0:56 🙌🏻❤️
Something worth trying to play.
Techno Klutz
I thought it was a mobile game… What a graphics. 😂😂😂
esse jogo parece ser muito bom
Ultraman is just an iron man power ranger should have gone with gundam characters
Evan Hernandez
RZq Hipnox
Is this an arena fighter?
Jaden and the family
How dis game get a sequel but legacies of kane ain’t have tell me
Iron man has his own game
Justina Luna
Sooner or later they got to put in jet jaguar
Maroon Eddie
Well… at least he is big now
Kou D3x
IGN: “11 playable characters? 2 out of 10. Who cares about fighting mechanic depth? We want 30 characters in one new fighting game… at least”
Kingshuk Monsur
Way big is that you? Lol I know way big is inspired from Ultraman
Leigh Sherval
Did they ditch the control scheme that was this game’s USP?
Anawat Sangkitipaiboon
Why they don’t have ultraman ace😢
Johny Marcial
Where’s Gridman and Kamen Rider Ex-Aid?
Bah caraio vi brasil to dentro
There was this one time when I was young I heard this popping sound. It was also followed by this weird odor I quite couldn’t figure out what it was. Needless to say its been many years and the mystery still baffles me. Hasn’t happened once since.
Irving Aquino
DinoMan Pinkaew
man that is UltraMan
Already better than whay Netflix did
Thinh Vo
This is actually look cool as hell.
Exell Asianpino
Nice. My wish list of DLC, voltron, megazord, gurren lagann, macross YF19, evangelion and pacific rim.
For the giants like these…I think they should be *SLOWER*
Joe Little
It was extremely smart and just downright excellent that theyre putting him in the game. Definitely the reason im getting it and will probably play exclusively as ultraman characters most of the time. Now lets hope we get some alternate skins!
This just doesn’t feel right…
Kendall Mahan
GOTY this game for next year can’t wait
We have iron man at home:
Dr. A
🙁 nope
Out of all the coolest looking Ultraman out there, and they pick the lamest one that looks more like a bootleg Iron Man… Yay…
Con Man
Ceemie Senior
I read overwatch 2 … Jeezesss… my heart stopped. Nevermind
Alejandro Jurado
that´s not ultraman, thats a japanese ironman who think is ultraman
Available on PS5? These crappy graphics would even run on a PS3! No efforts put into the presentation… Missed opportunity!
GARBAGE.shouldve been open world action rpg